Friday, May 18, 2012


Dance for your dollar
Enjoy your stay
A bellman will take you up from here
You're welcome

I'll go back to the door now
Safe home
Where you headed?
You got it.
Gratuities are appreciated

Gratuities are needed
Gratuities are essential
Please give me a fucking gratuity
My shoulders hurt
My back hurts
My psyche hurts

Please give me your small bills
Thank you for your pocket change
Afterthought I am
I don't care

Thank you!
If you need anything, you come see me!
I'll be out there till midnight
The lonely road to midnight

You get to people watch!
People disgust me

Fuck you too!

I'm really an actor
I just work here to pay for rent and alcohol.
I have a business card
Take me seriously

I made you laugh!
Please give me a tip
I need my HBO on demand

Good luck with the acting career!

Hi doorman!
The friendly doorman
So helpful
So insightful
Knew where everything was
He just opened the fucking door

He opens the door so well!
Best doorman evaaaaar!!!
He stood in traffic for me!
He's a hero!!!
Honey, do you have any change for him?

Thank you, doorman.

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