Monday, October 1, 2012

Best of: Notepad Art Work by Doorman

It's currently 2:55am and I'm sitting on a wheelchair in the storage closet, using a wifi code that I stole from behind the front desk. Working as the overnight bellman sucks a fat one, but at least I get to dick around on the computer for half the night. When I'm outside, all I have is a fucking notepad to keep me busy. I jot down almost every remotely funny thought that creeps into my skull. Once in awhile, I'll draw a picture. I'm no Salvador Dali, but I think there's potential here if this doorman thing doesn't work out.  Here are my favorites:

I drew this piece after a van full of Brazilians had me carry in 15 massive suitcases. They then asked where reception was while staring at the big sign that says "Reception". No tip, no thank you. Cunts.

I think a Brazilian made me angry. Notice the penis and testicle nose. 

Pretty self-explanatory. I'm an educator at heart. 
This is a character that I do. His name is Cookie Lopez and you don't want him near your children. 

This isn't my work, but I wish it was. A deaf man approached me at 11pm. He made the sign for eat, which I knew, then began pinching my arm with claws and using his index fingers to make antennas on his head. I handed him my notepad and he drew this. You really can't make this shit up.

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