Sunday, May 5, 2013

We're Wrapped!!!!

After months of writing and rewriting, weeks of raising money and pre-production, and three days of dynamite filming, I have wrapped my #Doorman pilot. As I stare at this screen, I can't think of much to say other than how proud I am of everyone involved. Maybe it's due to sheer exhaustion, or it could be that I'm just at a loss for words.

When I started this blog, it was just an outlet to vent my frustrations. I never thought it would have evolved into this. I moved to Manhattan to make a serious run at acting, and if this is where that serious run has taken me, well, fuck, I'll take it. I had planned on blogging about every night of shooting, along with the ins an out of post and pre-production, but I think I'll just keep it simple and let the pilot speak for itself. The footage looks amazing, and every actor in the film made a mountain out of every note and idea given.

So I'd just like to thank everyone. Everyone who donated their money, time, and faith in me. Thank you to my incredible cast and crew, who worked long overnights fueled by cold Dunkin Donuts coffee and never complained once, who picked me up when I found myself making mistakes while trying to act and direct simultaneously (something I've never done before). Thank you to my friends and family, who keep me inspired (and in check.) And, lastly, thank you to my readers, who were the ones who made this happen by sharing, retweeting, and giving the Doorman a sense of purpose.

Lately, I've come to realize that this blog is not just some all-out assault on the unsuspecting public, or some vicious and hateful attack on tourists. Because when you go back to the beginning and read it all the way through, it's the story about a guy who was kind of a pussy, who was taking endless abuse in a harsh environment, growing a pair of balls and taking the initiative to make a life that he could be proud of for himself. I've adapted the begins of that journey into a TV pilot, and hope I get the chance to share the rest of that arc on the screen.

What happens next?

I hand it over to the editors, then take a nap for about a week. While I'm flying with excitement and adrenaline, I know that I've completely run my body into the ground. I'm going to rest up, then have a trailer cut together within the next couple of weeks.

I aim to have a locked film by June 1st, with a screening a couple of weeks after. From there, I'll pitch the series to networks and submit it to every film festival I can. I'm at the halfway point of the battle, and I'm in damn good shape thus far. So thanks again, and I need a fucking beer.


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