Thursday, June 6, 2013

#Doorman Pilot Update

This is how my day started:

This is how my day ended:

A short while after my broken toe (which was, ironically, caused by a fucking door), I hobbled to Penn Station and took the train out to Red Bank, NJ to visit my editor, Greg Caiafa (who is also playing the 2nd lead and co-producing this with me). We've been coordinating as much as possible  since he took over, and having now seen the rough cut of the film, I'm proud to say that it has exceeded my expectations. I fucking love it. I really, truly mean that. There isn't a single frame in the film that I didn't just gush over, wondering how the hell we were able to pull this off with the shoe-string budget we had. It's funny, sad, honest, and painfully personal - just like the blog. 

What happens now:

Sorry to disappoint, but it will not be on YouTube for quite some time. I initially wanted this to be a web-series, though after reworking the ending in the writing process, I'll be submitting it to as many film festivals as possible. It's a stand-alone pilot, one that introduces the Doorman and those who inhabit his world, leaving the viewer wanting to see more. It also has a satisfying enough ending to work as a ten-minute short film. Once something is published on youtube or any other broadcasting website, it becomes invalid for festival-play. I'll be submitting it to festivals for the rest of 2013 and into the beginning of 2014.

So please - if you're in the NYC area on June 20th, try and come out and see the pilot. It will be at a bar in midtown (more details to come.) I'll be there (obviously) drinking beers with everyone (even more obviously). It will be free, and all are welcome to come and bring guests. Believe me, I've been itching to just post the fucking thing, but I know it has the potential to do extremely well in the festival circuit. So save the date. Thursday, June 20th in the evening. Stay tuned. 

I also had a little fun with a still from the pilot using Instagram. Enjoy!!! 


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