Friday, August 1, 2014

Thank You... Again

Dearest Readers, Family, and Friends-

Our indiegogo campaign has come to a close. We managed to reach nearly half our goal ($1,870), which obviously wasn't what we were hoping for, but we'll take it!!! Whatever the case, I plan on shooting everything I intended to shoot. I promise you that. 

Having taken a break from the blog over the winter was an enlightening experience for me. After the New York Television Festival last year, I was naive enough to think there'd be a stack of proposed network deals waiting at the front desk of my apartment building the day it was all over. That wasn't the case. It's just not that fucking easy. 

Once I realized there wasn't an immediate, get-rich-quick deal for me on the table, I tried to completely remove myself from this blog, this character, this alter-ego (for lack of a better term). I figured the well ran dry, that I might as well close it out nicely, with a hokey ending about me finding my voice and my balls and blah blah blah melodrama stuff. 

I started writing some non-doorman material. Some of which was horrid, like the short-lived "Chris Russell Blog", the "Michael Richards Show" of this whole Doorman blog experience (which I've thankfully removed from the internet). Though I managed to flesh out my first feature screenplay, an existential black comedy that I plan to make one day. Some day. 

Through all of that, I kept going to work. I kept opening doors, carrying bags, fetching taxis in all sorts of abominable weather (remember this past fucking winter?!?). The more time went on, the more I missed writing about my day-to-day follies, and the freedom to just sit down and vent to listening ears whenever I pleased.

The day I wrote my first post after a 5-month hiatus, it felt like a huge weight, which I wasn't aware of, was lifted. I had no idea how important it was to me. Sure, I continued to write and do other things, but I didn't have my foundation to fall back on when I needed it. Now I do. 

The day after my first post, I sat down and wrote three short Doorman vignettes. They were inspired by the 100+ stories I've gathered over the years, just like the pilot. I remember writing the pilot, with the intention of it getting into the NYTVF and the off-chance of getting a network deal. There was a lot at stake for me, and the pressure was on. As fun and growing experience as it was, it was business, and I approached it as such. I had a goal and a plan to execute it. I scoured the blog for the perfect story that would capture the Doorman character and the world he's up against. I picked My Name is Nunzio. Turned out to be a good move. 

Though this time around - without all the pressure of getting into a film festival and networking and pitching and selling and whoring and ass kissing and schmoozing and boozing - I was able to step back and enjoy the creative process. I've written over a dozen episodes, most of which won't see the light of day unless we manage to get ourselves a substantial deal. But the ones I've picked, the five I feel best represent what I'm going for, have been meticulously workshopped, retooled, revised, and perfected. And I had a fucking blast in the process. I look forward to sharing them with you, on my terms. 

So, with that, I just want to thank you all. We had a grand total of 50(!) contributors. Some were people I haven't spoken to since high school, some international readers, some longtime readers, mostly family and friends. Whatever the case, you have my deepest gratitude for your ongoing support. It's what keeps me fueled and hungry for more. 

Much love, 


If you're still interested in contributing, please email me at and we can have something arranged! 

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