Thursday, November 20, 2014

A "Good" Day

It just occurred to me that, after several straight evenings of nearly losing my mind on pedestrians and guests alike, I found myself able to control my temper at work last night. I had what most people would call a "good" night. I'd like to talk about that for a moment.

I say it was a "good" night, not because I made a lot of money and was showered in tips and respect, but because I didn't snap at anyone. I didn't catch an attitude, I didn't punch a taxi, I didn't facetiously yell "enjoy your stay" or "have a safe trip" after getting stiffed.

And I got stiffed. A lot. One guy gave me 40 cents. It's the worst tip I've ever gotten. I delivered bags to his room, and he had a dime, nickel, and quarter waiting for me on the table.

You know what I did? I smiled and said "thanks".

I got stiffed more than I had all week. Cartload after cartload of heavy luggages, getting taxis in the freezing cold, busting my ass for nothing. Maybe I was out of it, seeing that I went to a funeral right before work. Maybe I was just grateful that it was my Friday and I have the next three days off. Whatever the case, I handled all of the stiffing and the disrespect with class and warmth. I did my job the way I was supposed to. I had a "good" day.

So, after three years, it's dawned on me- having a "good" day at work means that I took people's shit better than I would on any other day. That's really fucked up.

Think about that - at my job, in my position, having a "good" day behavior-wise translates to "people treated me horribly and I was able to suppress it and smile while slowly dying inside".

Is anyone hiring?

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