Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Sorry, I Haven't Been Posting...

Hi Readers,

It's been awhile. I'm not dead. Still quite alive, in fact. I've been writing my balls off, though, fortunately and unfortunately, not on here. The next several months are going to see some big changes in my life, and I just haven't had the time to post any doorman stories. Or, more truthfully, I haven't had too many doorman stories to post.

Yesterday, a young girl, no more than 8 or 9 from a spanish-speaking country, arrived on a shuttle bus with her mom and sister. She wore a winter hat that said, in big, bold letters, "FUCK". I laughed heartily, then pointed her out to everyone I passed by when bringing their luggage inside. Her mom shot me the evil-eye, wondering why I was making fun of her daughter. I felt kind of guilty about it, but the more I think about it, I shouldn't. Either one of two things happened: someone pulled a hilarious prank on them, and they should have a sense of humor about it, or she thinks it's a good idea for her daughter to walk around wearing a hat that says, "FUCK".

That's really the most interesting thing I've seen on the door in the past couple of months.

I hate redundancy. I feel that, after three years of writing about this shit, any story I post is some variation of something I've already written. I don't feel challenged anymore.

I love this blog. I loved what it's spawned. I love the web series (which you should watch, god damnit),  and I love how this as all helped me grow as an artist and a man. It's been a godsend.

I'm working on a ton of stuff, and the Doorman show has been getting auspicious attention from the right people. Apart from Doorman-related material, I've been developing several scripts - some pilots for shows, and a couple of feature-length screenplays. There's also a podcast in the works.

As far as posting doorman stories here, I can't promise much in the immediate future. I don't want to say I've outgrown it, because I've done it once before and came back, but it's become a bit of a chore to keep consistency here lately. But, hell, you never know what the future holds in store.

All updates come through here first, obviously. And, if this is your first peruse onto this blog, feel free to scroll to the right and indulge in the 170 posts that I lived through. You're in for quite the ride.

Till next time,


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