Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Just The Tips Podcast (Ep 11) - Doorman's Psycho Craigslist Roommate

The story that put the Doorman blog on the map! Here's my reading of the Psycho Craiglist Roommate story, with a brand-new ending!

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Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Just the Tips Podcast (Ep 10) - Vanessa Morales/Uber

It's our 10th episode! Still going strong this week with how Uber is affecting me financially and changing the landscape of my job, and also some tips on how to not get screwed during surge pricing.

My guest today is Vanessa Morales, who plays "Ramona" in two episodes of the Doorman Web series, titled... Ramona. We talk about her working in a yoga studio while she auditions, which lead to her finding a passion in her day job as an instructor. We also go talk about the guerrilla-style of shooting that went into filming our episode of Doorman.

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Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Just the Tips Podcast (Ep 9) - Matt McAllister/Doorman vs Meter Maid

Today I open the show with some observations about the bellmen on Mad Men, as well as story about my explosive encounter with a local traffic cop, or "meter maid", as I (formerly) hate to call them.

My interview is with character actor Matt McAllister, who plays the cabbie in the opening montage of the Doorman pilot, as well as the "I just did your job, mate" British Man in Ramona: Part 1. Matt and I talk about tipping in restaurants, our disastrous experiences working as waiters, and much more! 

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Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Just the Tips Podcast (Episode 8) - Greg Caiafa/Brokeback Doorman

Today on the show- a reading of one of my earliest and most personal blog posts, Brokeback Doorman

My interview is with my producing partner and close friend, Greg Caiafa. We talk about his mundane survival job out of the Knights of Columbus, which took a turn for the potentially terrifying in 2012, when a serial killer, unbeknownst to Greg, partied at his establishment just hours after murdering one of his victims. We also talk about the making of the Doorman web series and what the future has in store for our production company. Don't miss it! 

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