Friday, October 2, 2015

For Your Weekly Dose of Doorman Stories...

Hello, beautiful person.

I haven't been consistent with posting stories here on the blog. It's mostly because I've moved on to writing about other stuff, but I still like to vent every now and then. So to keep with telling stories and ranting about guests, cabbies, and other assholes, check out the weekly podcast. It's called Doorman: Just the Tips and it's available on iTunes and your podcast smart phone app. I'm no longer interviewing people. It's just me venting and telling stories about my work week, sprinkling in a little Mets stuff every now and then. If you're a fan of my writing, you'll fucking love the podcast. Trust me. Get into it!

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Also -- If you're interested in FREE advertising for your business, email me at I'll write you a 30-60 second commercial script and read it on the air. First one is on me. Nothing to lose. Do it.

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