Friday, October 9, 2015

Trip Advisor Review Readalong


Here are the reviews I'll be destroying in Episode 20 of the Just the Tips Podcast! Enjoy! LISTEN HERE.


“Not worth the visit!”

Reviewed October 24, 2008

Just last week when a couple of business travelers from the Northwest walked through the doors of The Grand Del Mar. Little did they know, they soon would become famous for having a terrible hotel experience, and creating one of the most entertaining Power point decks ever made to share with all our clients.

This classic Power point deck will take you through the duos late night discovery that guest just don't matter. From there these two detail what exactly a reservation agent "described" is (maybe not as rock solid as we all think), night clerk Mike's career path, and their forced to accept par service.

The hotel appears to have lost all of what was the good staff. No one knew what was going on and things were a disaster. We arrived late and with very few bags. The pushy doorman insisted on taking our small bag to the room. ( We let him because we understand that everyone could use a buck today) All was good but it was late and after two phone calls to the desk and 40 minutes later the little bag arrived. When we asked what appeared to be a housekeeper bringing it up, we were told that the bellman had gone home for the night.

The next day we just wanted to share the story with the manager and were told he would contact us shortly. “Surprise” we never heard from him. 

We had our meeting and it was fine. They had problems with the AC but often in monster hotels this can happen.

When we went to check out they said that they could not find our car keys, after about 30 minutes they found that they had been tossed to the bottom of their storage area. 

So the rule is don’t bother with this one. It is very grand in structure but poor in service.

 “New Year's eve at TGI Friday's 2015...” 

Reviewed January 12, 2015

First of all, I must tell you that before purchasing the tickets I had read some reviews about this event here at tripadvisor. Still, I decided to spend new years eve at tgi since it was my girlfriend s dream...
Having said that, in first place the food was not terrible:because there was no food!!! Just a few chicken fingers for 200 people. Drinks: yeah, that s trhe only positive comment I have about this event. 
Secondly, since we have bought the general admission tickets, we only gain access to a basement (a basement? really??) with no windows, almost no chairs, nothing. I STRONGLY RECOMMEND NOT TO SPEND NEW YEARS EVE AT TGI, SPECIALLY IF YOU WANT TO SEE THE BALLDROP, WHICH AS YOU CAN IMAGINE WE DIDN'T SEE AT ALL...
But the worst aspect I have to tell you (and it surprised me) is the organization. We arrived there 2 hours before the opening. After having made a line for an hour or so, I guy (no ID, no nothing, just a guy from the street) told us (and the rest of the line) we were making the wrong line....ahhhhrrrrggggg!!!!
To sum up: the worst new year s eve EVER.

Reviewed August 16, 2015

I have never left a very negative review before but the meal this evening was both very poor and very expensive. Given this was our first meal out on our family holiday, and that everyone had been looking forward to "eating at TGIs" it was also very disappointing.

First things first, alongside a general feeling of tiredness, with a hint of needing a good clean too, the place did not seem very organised. It took two people to go upstairs and check if they had room for the 6 of us followed by one shouting over the bannister to tell us to come up.

We then ordered our drinks and food. The drinks arrived after 5-10 minutes but that was he last we saw or heard of our waitress until, about 45 minutes later, we chased for the food. At no time did anyone ask if wanted any refills. The hand wipes they had provided were then not cleared for the entire meal either. I had thought waiting staff were trained to keep an eye on all their tables all the time but clearly not this time.

Clearly the staff were under pressure for some reason but there were too few and they weredisorganised and poorly trained. Sure they had time for what looked like some pretty heated discussions, and to disappear off for lengthy periods, but there was no sign of anyone, senior or junior, going the extra mile to help out if there was a shortfall. In fact one poor family thought they had been called up only to be told, halfway up the stairs including a buggy, that they were the wrong family and to get back downstairs.

Once we chased, the food eventually arrived by which time the jet lagged kids were almost asleep anyway. Were we offered more drinks when the food arrived? Nope. Did the meals arrive together? Nope too.

The best for last though. I had been minded to leave a small tip as I know it is important to staff and clearly something was badly awry. I then received the bill though to which the waitress had circled the gratuity recommendations and that service was not included. Certainly a first for everything I guess...

When I commented that the service had been bad the waitress said "you had service, I served your food...". So $0 it was, again I think for the first time.

I have eaten in many TGIs and until now regarded them as pretty decent food in a fun and family-friendly setting. This was anything back. And the punchline....a $166 bill for 6 drinks and 6 mains and I can't even recheck the bill as I never got it back.

Dreadful, so bad in fact that I can only assume something was awry somewhere behind the scenes. Not so bad that they can't charge full prices mind.

 “Jerked me around”

Reviewed September 17, 2010

I attended a large wedding at the hotel and used valet to park my car. When I got home that night I noticed my car (an S550 mercedes) was damaged.

I contacted the hotel the next day and they told me to drive there (about 45 minute drive each way) and they would handle it. I went, waited about an hour for them to check it out. Was told their insurance company would take care of it. I drove my 45 minutes home. 

They did not get back to me. After a follow up they had their insurance company call me and tell me that that regardless of anything, the fact that I didnt notice or report the damage before leading the hotel they would not cover it under and conditions. 

Why did they jerk me around and have me spend 3 hours of my time on a fruitless trip up there???

So I called the hotel general manager who proceeded to continue to not take responsibility. 'What did you think? We would just write you a check?'

Unfortunately for them, this is the attitude of the boss and this is the attitude at this hotel. 

Better to stay away.

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