Thursday, October 29, 2015

World Series Blog: Part 2 - Stop Sulking, it Ain't Over Yet

Royals - 2
Mets - 0

Oh, shit...

This Royals team is no joke. I knew they were good going in, but I had no idea just how fucking good they were!

No lead is safe. No pitcher of ours is unhittable. No batter of theirs is soft. They're just a down and dirty, scrappy baseball team. It's really tough to hate them, too. They don't showboat. They don't have a prima donna superstar. They just put the ball in play, wreak havoc on the bases, and manufacture runs.

Hats off to them.

You know who they remind me of? And damnit, it sickens me to say this -- the Yankees of the late 90's. Before they got into the habit of filling their lineup with aging, overpaid sluggers, the Dynasty Yankees were built on getting on base and timely hitting. No matter how late in the game or how many runs they were down, there was always this impending doom of, "oh Christ, here they come" whenever the leadoff hitter got on with a walk or slapped a single to the opposite field.

This is going to be a tough road back. Game One should have been ours. My buddies and I spent the duration of that game curled up in balls on the couch, nervously sucking down Miller Lites at a rate that would put Wade Boggs to shame. Juerys Familia, old reliable closer, threw one bad pitch. One. Bad. Pitch. And these sons of bitches capitalized.

What do we have working for us? Home field advantage. While the Kansas City fans were loud and boisterous, I don't know if these Royals understand the zoo they'll be walking into tomorrow night. The Citifield faithful will be as fired up as ever. It's been twenty-nine years since we've been able to witness a World Series where we don't have to worry about the arrogant, shit-talking Yankee fans sitting next to us. This is a Mets town now. The 7-Line Army, the greatest fans in baseball, will be in full-force (I'll be joining them Saturday night for Game Four). Thor and his hammer will be taking the mound for Game Three. We know this team is capable of going on a scorching run, especially at home.

The last time the Mets won it all, they lost the first two at home. And they lost with Doc Gooden on the mound in Game 1 to boot. Think you're stressed out now? Imagine what it would have been like to drop the first two at Citi! It could be much, much worse.

Game One proved they can fight with this team. There's still plenty of baseball left, and the next three games will be played in front of 45,000 rabid, orange and blue animals. This team had been fighting adversity all season. Hell, they were a paltry two games above .500 at the trade deadline. Asking them to go 4-1 over the next five games is a tall order, but they've done it. They've done it a bunch.

So let's stop sulking and welcome our boys home. I know I've been waiting 15 years for this shit, and I'll be damned if I'll let a couple of tough losses ruin my good time. "The Mets are in the fucking World Series" is something I've only been able to scream twice in my 31 years on earth, and I'm going to believe in Mets magic all the way to the final out.

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